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Take the legendary “Mountzouris”, the traditional train of Pelion that connects Milies with Ano Lechona.It’s the perfect way to see part of the mountain and some other traditional villages.

Cross the historic , where legends and local traditions leave their mark on these architectural masterpieces of superb craftsmanship.Just a few kilometers to the West, lie the archaeological sites of Sesklo (the most ancient settlement of Europe, dating back to 6.000 BC) and Dimini, the most important prehistoric settlement in Greece and one of the most important ones of the New Stone Age worldwide.Authentic Thrace is an area of amazing natural beauty, a land where Greek legend has placed the mythical home of Orpheus.It is famous for its pristine, beautiful countryside that makes it a paradise for outdoor recreation, adventure and exploration.This part of Greece has it all: the Rodopi (Rhodope) mountain range and Mt.

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